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  • Take a deep breath in, hold it and let it go.

    Stress release and letting go are at the core of my classes. I did train in Integral Yoga® on the lineage of the traditional Sivananda Hatha yoga and I am passionate about Vinyasa, Pranayama breathing techniques and energy work. My class is a balanced mix of warm-ups, vinyasa flow, hatha yoga and relaxation. I focus on the release of tensions, being them physical, mental or emotional and I use the body work and the breath to guide the students to a journey of acceptance, awareness and deep connection. When we let go… we create some space for the new to come and for the life energy to flow freely into our body, bringing us back to balance and harmony.

    Type of Yoga: Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga

    Who should attend?
    My yoga classes are mostly tailored for beginners and intermediate students who want to deepen their practice and get closer to this beautiful science of life. Everyone is welcome to this journey towards connecting with our body, tuning with our breath and remembering our truth.

    What are the benefits?
    Students will learn how to use their breath as a key instrument to self regulate in order to reduce stress and anxiety. They will be guided to release tensions held in the body using movement, stretch, breath and energy work resulting in feeling lighter and more relaxed . The full practice will allow the mind to calm down and the life energy to flow more freely into the body harmonising the entire system.

    When to attend my classes  :

    – Every TUESDAY from 6pm to 6.50pm in italian
    – Every TUESDAY from 7pm to 7.50pm in english

    => For Video introduction and learn more about me « Click HERE« 

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