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  • We are everything and nothing. We are a circular flow. 

    Yoga has been my passion for some years. Curious and nature lover I studied various styles with international teachers to deepen my practice in a continuous research. I studied in Rishikesh, Milan, London, Cologne and Frankfurt. Traditional Hatha, Budokon, Yin Yoga, Dynamic, Intimate Yoga, Shiva Flow, Ashtangha and Sup Yoga are just some of the styles practiced to create balanced lessons, where awareness is put in the foreground and where it grows and evolves together, experimenting with different asanas from time to time. The study of breath and constant attention to our body allows us to free ourselves from daily stress and to devote our attention to more important goals.
    I also obtained the certificate of Pilates teacher: preparatory to the development of an ideal musculature (abdominal and elasticity of the body) to be able to face the practice of yoga at its best.

    Type of yoga : Intimate Yoga (Hatha yoga)

    Who should attend?
    Classes are for all levels, from beginners to upper intermediate.

    Why practicing with me?
    Because you feel like a juicy creative explorer and you want to get deeper and deeper into your practice. You want to discover and experiment something different from the Ego.
    You intentionally flow into the New.

    When to attend my classes  :

    – Every THURSDAY from 6.00pm to 6.50pm in english

    => For Video introduction and learn more about me « Click HERE« 

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