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  • Take a moment to slow down and reconnect with yourself

    Since my youth I have had a passion for healing and natural therapies. I was born and raised in Africa, a great continent that gave me the gift of understanding and respect for the beauty and power of nature. In 2005 I undertook studies in Naturopathy and found my vocation: to take care of my well-being, my loved ones and the people I meet in my life. Yoga helped me to be aware, relieve stress and find joy in my daily life. In 2013, I moved to Australia and completed my degree as a Yoga teacher then specialised in Pre and Post Childbirth Yoga Instructor, Mums and Babies Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yin Yoga and Pilates in International Holistic Studies Centers.

    Type of yoga : from dynamic (vinyasa) to yin yoga

    Who should attend?
    Suitable for anyone who needs to slow down and relax

    What are the benefits?
    This course will help you reduce stress. By reducing perceived stress and anxiety, yoga appears to lower stress levels, for example, decreasing heart rate, lowering blood pressure and soothing respiration.
    Yoga poses are good exercise and can help loosen up tense muscles as well as the neck, shoulders, back, jaw and facial muscles, which tend to carry the most stress.

    When to attend my classes  :

    – Every FRIDAY form 9 am to 9.50pm in english
    – Every FRIDAY from 10 am to 10.50am in italian

    => For Video introduction and learn more about me « Click HERE« 

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