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  • Your life may keep being a mess but you are aware of it and it is ok.

    I am a loud Italian and Yoga brought unexpected calm in my life.
    While my life was a chaos I would use Yoga as a reset bubble, my safe space. Because I wanted to be able to bring that bubble sensation into my daily life, I became a Yoga teacher, ending up helping other people with their safe spaces and bubbles.
    I doubt anyone « just finds » Yoga, Yoga arrives when you need it.
    It moves energies in your body, you do not know it yet but from your first conscious exhale, something is changing in you already.
    Yoga gave me a way to look inside me and grow. To accept changes and to move on. To accept myself. To be present.
    But someone who (as adult) has mostly lived abroad I realized that no matter where you travel, the real trip worth doing is the one within yourself.

    So please travel as much as you can, discover new points of view, and embrace nature. The more you connect with nature, the more you connect with yourself.

    Type of Yoga: Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga

    Who should attend?
    The Yoga style is Vinyasa and it’s a mixed level (for everyone), but pretty dynamic.

    What are the benefits?
    Every practice is going to focus on one chakra in particular AIMING to stimulate, unblock or awake their related emotions and areas of the body. There is also a short introduction before every class to explain what each chakra represents.

    When to attend my classes  :

    – Every WEDNESDAY from 8.30am to 9.20am in english
    – Every WEDNESDAY form 7 pm to 7.50pm in italian

    => For Video introduction and learn more about me « Click HERE« 

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