A: Fitners is a platform of online fitness classes and live video conference system. Thanks to Fitners, you can take fitness classes whenever and wherever you want while keeping your motivation thanks to the interaction with the coach and the Fitners community.

  • Create your account on Fitners
  • Find a session that suits your needs or have a look at the planning
  • Book and pay for this session safely
  • 5 minutes before it starts, get ready with a bottle of water and a towel

A: Once you have booked your session on Fitners, simply login on the platform and click on “join my session”. The best is to login at least 5 minutes before to make sure everything is in place when the session starts.

A: The sessions given on Fitners ensure that no equipment is needed. You will only need a screen with webcam, internet connection, a bottle of water, a small towel and a little space. However, when you are addicted to certain disciplines, it is possible to invest in small equipment such as matts, small weights, etc.

A: FROM EVERYWHERE: from your living room, studio, garden, park, work, hotel rooms etc. The space chosen does not matter but you will need a good internet connection in order to follow the session.

A: Tablet, Television, Computer, phone, big screen etc … The choice is wide.
These devices must be equipped with a camera and a good internet connection
Fitners is available on safari, Chrome. To test your internet speed, click here.

A: We have an interview with each of them. They are selected according to their personalities, the comments they receive on internet and especially their motivation. In France, they all hold a Bjep diploma. A detailed profile of each coach is available on Fitners. Remember that after each session you evaluate your coach so do not hesitate to scheck the votes and comments before booking a session.

A: During a group session, the coach sees several people at the same time on his screen. He will motivate and interact with you, but also with others. During an individual session, the attention of the coach will be focused only on you. They will correct you, motivate and adapt the intensity of the session.

A: Yes and that is all the interest of following a session on Fitners. The coaches see you and can motivate you, correct you when necessary and interact with you.

A: No, coaches can not hear you because it will be too difficult to manage in case many of you speak at the same time. However, a 5-minutes chat session is offered at the end of each session. This session will allow you to ask your questions directly to the coach.

A: You have an option that allows you to be seen and to see other participants. The idea of Fitners is to create a community and not to feel lonely during your work out. But, of course, we understand that some of you do not want to show themselves to other people.

A: Each session lasts 50min with then a 5 min chat offered to each user to allow an exchange with the coach and the Fitners community.

A: The Fitners sessions are detailed each time with the objective to be achieved, the duration and the level. At Fitners, we do not want to specialize in one discipline or offer exactly the same courses as in a gym. We want to give courses according to the requests / needs of the users.

A: The number of users varies. Each coach is free to apply the rate he considers “fair” for his session and the number of participants he wishes to motivate per session. When booking a session, the user can see the maximum number of people participating in this session.

A: It is the coaches themselves who set their price. They know the market and prices that users are willing to pay.

A: No worries you can still join the session knowing that the best is obviously to arrive on time so you do not miss any part of the session.

A: You can book the class up to 5 minutes before as you still have time to warm up. But it is better to book at least 24 hours in advance if you want to be sure to have space for the discipline and the desired coach.

A: You can cancel until 24 hours in advance. After that, the reservation will be charged.

A: You will be fully refunded.

A: When you register, you sign the T&C that ensures that you are adept at following this type of activity and that Fitners is not liable for any personal injury or death that results from participation in sessions.

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