droplets of sweat

On a beautiful, sunny afternoon by the sea, sweat began to bead on my forehead as I tried to balance on one leg.

My gaze was fixed on a distant point in front of me, I let myself rock to the rhythm of the waves on this beautiful South African beach while the coach guided us in the Vrksâsana, or posture of the tree. “Be careful to stretch the spine and retract the abdomen.”

I felt myself growing as I stretched out. My breathing became more and more calm, it united with the rhythm of the waves in the ocean. The past and the present were one, and I saw before me the images of my life.

Suddenly, I opened my eyes in panic, avoiding falling and saluting the coach of the hand, I slipped out of the class without making a sound, trying not to disturb the session. I was missing a really important meeting with a client. How could I have forgotten about this?? I jumped in the shower, finished putting my jacket on in the car, and headed to the office.

That evening I was on my way to pick up my son from the nanny, after an interview that had not failed to exhaust me. I thought back to the moment of tranquility in front of those waves, where time and space did not matter anymore.

With the snap of a finger

If only I could find myself at that particular moment once again and * Click, that’s where the click came in. What if I could have my own coach when and where I want, at a time that suits my busy schedule ?

I spent the next few days looking for solutions available on the current market: the most obvious choice was to have a home coach for private sessions. With the rates over 40 euros an hour, the great sports enthusiast that I am would be quickly ruined.

Another alternative that seemed promising to me at first was to take classes on pre-recorded YouTube style videos, fitness blogs, and so on. It was convenient and I could go at my own pace. I quickly became frustrated with the lifeless videos and marble coaches simulating a semblance of interaction with me. After a few videos, their monotony had managed to kill the little motivation that remained in me after a long day of work.


Then, armed with my passion for fitness and my long professional experience in the digital world, I undertook a quest for several months in different countries to understand the current fitness market.

This trip allowed me to meet several professionals, and to see the future trends of sports coaching as well as to access the latest technologies in video conferencing and distance coaching.

The solution

As the features of my project became more refined and my vision of the ideal solution became clearer, I was pleased to see that everyone around me was enthusiastic about it. The idea of having a solution that not only allowed you to get in shape, but also to keep the motivation thanks to dedicated coaches and a pleasant community of sports enthusiasts, generated excitement.

I had found the perfect recipe and it was time to take action.

The Fruit

I understand what you need and the price you are willing to pay. It is with great pleasure that I present to you today the launch of Fitners! You dreamed of it, we did it: the gym comes to you!


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